Monday, July 29, 2013

Williams Sonoma Cake Mix

This week my baby sister turns the big 2-5! We celebrated this weekend with a little dinner party with some friends. I was requested to make a chocolate cake with homemade cream cheese frosting. I was super excited when I went to Williams Sonoma and found that their chocolate cake mix was on sale...and of course came across their adorable cake numbers! 

I would say the cake mix was much better than a regular betty crocker box...even though the cook time would have burnt the cake to a crisp. You would think the box would come with a bunch of cool things in their because it is so damn cute...but really its just a plastic bag of cake mix! Delicious cake mix. I would definitely purchase this again...if it was on sale!

The Party Girl


  1. so yummy! thanks for making me the most amazing cake :)

  2. She's so cute! Remember when we wouldn't let her wear the same outfits as us?? Why were we so mean? I can't believe we're getting so old :(

    I'm excited to see you in just a few hours. I'm giving you some time to catch up on sleep.

    But I've nominated you for a blogging award ;)