Sunday, July 21, 2013

Downtown Corona Del Mar

 On Saturday the babe, Grandma and I headed to the beach to meet the newly engaged couple for a late breakfast at ZINC and a stroll through the farmers market. Of course Easton loved every minute of it and he kept us very entertained!

This little guy makes each of my days so full. He is just so happy and full of life (and energy). At breakfast he had to try a little bit of everyones meal, and had his first real egg experience (oops I'm supposed to wait a full year, aren't I). He was shoveling scrambled eggs mixed with leeks and spices in his mouth. 

 The walk back to their house is just beautiful. With quaint little yards and beautiful gardens that line the streets it allows one to refresh and enjoy! Easton had to take a stroll himself and show off a little walking ( a new skill he has learned).

Of course we did not leave empty handed. We left with breads, peaches, italian spreads and the craving to cook and eat fresh food.


  1. WALKING? He's getting so big TOO fast. I can't wait to have him here! And then visit there!

  2. so much fun, glad you guys came up!