Tuesday, July 9, 2013

4th of July

For Easton's first 4th of July we traveled to Idaho to visit Tucker's side of the family! Although hearing many stories from his childhood and lots about his family that lives there...I had never met them. Yes, in 10 years! I was definitely missing out! It was absolutely beautiful and it was great to meet the people I had heard so much about! On 4th of July we attended a small town 4th of July parade, went to a carnival and then watched the fireworks. Keep in mind it does not get dark until 10:00 p.m., therefore fire works start at 10 and those cute little babies below all made it through the fire work show! 

You can see how exhausted Easton is in the picture on the left..barely keeping his eyes open! On the right is my attempt at getting a picture of all 4 kids...Looking at the camera or not, they are pretty cute.

Parade pictures

While waiting for it to get dark the kids found these amazing pinwheels. See how fast it is going? It was so windy for awhile...thank goodness it disappeared right before the firework display! Easton was willing to do anything to hold onto that pinwheel!

When to wind was blowing a thunderstorm through a double rainbow formed...it was beautiful! Idaho definitely has my kind of weather! Although I didn't actually get to experience the thunderstorm, we could see it off in the distance!

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  1. Such cute kids and such pretty scenery! I'm glad Easty's first 4th was a successful & fun one.