Friday, June 21, 2013

My most favorite things of the week!

1. My patriotic flag banner from BlueMoonStudios. I ordered this for Easton's nautical first birthday party (which is in the making) and figured it would double as a yearly 4th of July banner! This Etsy shop has the cutest goodies and it arrived so quickly!

2. My new diaper bag/purse. I actually got this beauty for my birthday. You'll never guess where it is from...Pottery Barn? Etsy? West Elm? no.. my very talented Mama made this for me! My petunia pickle bottom oh so loved bag is actually on the back burner this week!

 3. I finally unwrapped this gift that I got for mother's day from my sista's. It is a photo printed on metal...only the best thing ever! I love it and it makes the perfect addition to my office space!

 4. I am LOVING that we made some progress on Easton's bathroom. It is basically the one area of the house that has not been touched since we moved in (thats kind of a lie, but basically it is not decorated). My sweet husband installed and amazing tongue and groove patterned wall...which hopefully this weekend with be competed with paint! (give us a break...with work and a 10 month old, projects are a little slower than they used to be). We actually painted the rest of the bathroom a navy color!

5. Love my attempt at photo's for Easton's first birthday party! To go along with his nautical theme I thought why not place a colorful life preserver in front of him...he was a little more interested than I thought he would be. He loves to taste everything!

Birthday wish list...Come True

This year for my birthday I asked for a couple of items...and of course got them! My family and friends are always good at adding a couple of surprises too! My husband got me a beach cruiser and got and added bonus...a baby seat for Easton! I can't wait to go for family bike rides this summer. I finally got some BB cream, this is WAY better than my Target BB cream. I got a cute new necklace and some adorable Steve madden sandals! Overall I would say I was a wee bit spoiled! I hope the big 27 is a fun one, I am sure it will be!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

9 month Pictures

For Father's Day this year I wanted to take some pictures of the boo to make Tucker's card (and double as his 9/10 month photos). I grabbed a couple of Tucker's hats... including his Broncos hat and cowboy hat. I wasn't sure how these would turn out because I am in no way of photographer...but we captured a couple good ones!

*disclaimer: photo overload

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Gray & White Nursery Stripes

Tonight I am looking through and sorting pictures that I have saved. I came across the stages of Easton's nursery. I remember I was so excited about starting the decorating, but really didn't have a complete plan. We just kinda made things up as we went! Its amazing that this portion of nursery looks like this now...after seeing what we started with! Looking back at one of my first posts of the nursery I can't believe the transition.

The finished product

The curtains were from world market (I was brave and ordered them online). The chevron bedskirt was handmade by my sweet mama, along with the amazing elephant bumper. I will do a post separately on these (because they are so stinkin adorable). 

What we started with
We started with plain walls...I was really unsure what to do with those teeny tiny windows. I knew babies supposedly needed "darkness" to sleep!

After a little paint
*note the iron in the bottom left (I could crop it out, but makes me remember we used the nursery as "the ironing room") That lamp on the right has been revamped to match the rest of the room!

Adding a couple of stripes
After finishing the stripes I realized curtains were a must. We put up a long curtain rod and two panels. During naps I can just pull them shut and it covers all the windows! 

9 & 10 month favorite toys

Playtime is crucial at this age if you want good naps...or at least for our family! I have learned that between 9-10 months Easton needs at least 3 hours of awake time if I want a good nap out of him! And  during that awake time he needs to be stimulated and playing! Above are some of his favorite toys...and yes I do realize a sippy cup is not a toy, but until they actually learn to use it for drinking, it is a great toy!

1. Farmhouse- we've had this stuffed away in his closet for when he gets older, but all the pieces are big, so it works great for now. He obviously doesn't use it as directed, but keeps him occupied!
2. walker- this Baby Einstein walker was his way of getting around during month 9. It's great because it keeps them safe and mobile!
3. Mickey Mouse club house- I debated when TV was allowed, and when I realized I couldn't even use the restroom by myself, I figured it was time! It gives me a couple of minutes to do what I need to, whether its throw a load of laundry in, prepare his lunch, run to the restroom, pack the diaper bag...whatever! He absolutely LOVES Mickey!
4. sippy cups- I received Nuby cups for my shower and decided to give them a try and they didn't leak!
5. Stride to Ride Puppy- I wanted to get him some sort of push walker but realized this phase goes by pretty quickly. Everyone says once they start "cruising" they will be walking. Therefore I got the push puppy because it turns into a little scooter type thing after. When it is being pushed it sings and its nose lights up. Makes for great entertaining when the baby starts dancing to the music and walking!
6. leapfrog drum- this drum plays in english and spanish...and Easton doesn't prefer one or the other. It lights up and plays songs when it is being played!

Monday, June 17, 2013

In celebration of the best Dada!

Considering I was working on Father's Day...I couldn't make it too special for the man that my baby calls "Dada". But when I left the house at 5:30 I was sure to leave a cute little card for him! I took some really cute pictures of E and made a card on It turned out great!

front of card

inside of card

I of course made a card equally as cute for my Dad! Pictures of Easton included!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Thank goodness Friday comes each week!

1.  So so so proud of Target debuting their spritz collection just in time for Easton's birthday party. Yes, I do know this is months away...but one can never be too prepared! I have already been obsessing on pintrest and etsy about all things nautical, sail boat and red/white/and blue!
link to plates

2. I am so thankful for where we live. There are walking paths everywhere that make you feel like your secluded in the wilderness (even though your really in a housing tract)! I have been taking this little one for daily walks with a stop at the park each time! It feels so refreshing to get out and I think he is at the age where we cannot stay home all day anymore!

3. I can't believe how fast our zucchini have sprouted and how fast we are eating them! We've had it raw, baked, sautéed, transformed into chips, you name it and we've had it! It's nice to walk in the back yard pick some zucchini, onions and tomatoes and have a healthy side dish for dinner.

 4. This time of year makes me so happy to see everything in bloom. I wanted to take some pictures of the babe for Fathers Day and found this spot with this amazing tree. They turned out perfect!

5.  Is Mr. Ben and Mr. Jerry serious about this flavor? I am normally a chocolate, carmel kinda gal, but seriously this has the be the best ice cream ever!! You must try.