Thursday, July 11, 2013

Flying with the babe

Our trip to Idaho was Easton's second flight...he flew across country when he was 8 weeks old. But an 8 week old versus an 11 month old? Basically completely different scenarios! Infants sleep, eat, and poop. 11 month olds are a whole different ball game! When it came to booking our flights, there were not many options since we flew into a tiny airport. We had two short flights each way. Of course when booking them I could not get seats together so I had to prepare for the worst and hope for the best! I came up with some ideas that worked for us...obviously each child is different. Mine does not sit still...not even for a minute unless eating or watching Mickey Mouse clubhouse.

We packed our bags so that we would only need to bring two suitcases, basically carry on size. It killed me to pay to check our bags...but walking through the airport and or security with a bunch of baggage (literally) would not be that pleasant! We rented a car and therefore rented a carseat...thank goodness! So once we checked our bags we had an umbrella stroller, a baby, a diaper bag, and a bag of "back up goodies"!

Pictured above: baby cereal bars, petunia pickle bottom boxy backpack, nuby cup, plum organic puffs, chico umbrella stroller, iPad, advent bottle.

We had an early flight at 710 a.m. so we decided that we would be waking Easton up at 515 a.m. so that he would be tired during take off. I heard the key is to have them tired and hungry. I made sure he was wearing comfy clothes, had a blanket and many pacifiers! I packed the diaper bag with a gallon zip lock of every kid of snack I could think of. I made sure I had a sippy cup and filled it with water after the security line! I had a bottle with formula in it and brought water to fill it. I was planning on breastfeeding him during take off, but wanted to have a bottle just in case. I downloaded a couple of shows on the iPad to occupy some of the plane ride. I packed wet ones to sanitize the area.

When packing I made sure to have a gallon ziploc filled with the same amazing goodies for the plane ride home! Which I thought I was being very organized...then my baby slept the E-N-T-I-R-E way home, both flights people.

*I realized that you can bring baby food, formula, or breast milk through the airport security! Next flight, I will pack snacks for myself so that I don't steal baby snacks...

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