Monday, November 24, 2014

35 weeks

Last week we hit the 35 week mark! I've been attending my NSTs twice a week and had a regular OB appointment. So far so good! 

 The growing belly is getting harder to dress! I didn't buy any "winter" clothes with Easton since he was due in August and I don't really want to spend much seeing as I only have a few weeks left! That calls for lots of repeats and lots of cramming into pre pregnancy shirts and sweaters…which is not that flattering!

So much to do a and I feel like so little time with a sweet toddler around. The nursery still has a ways to go, bags need to be packed, laundry to be done and everything else! At least it is all fun stuff. 

Friday, November 7, 2014

5 on Friday

1. This past weekend we had our "family/maternity photos taken". A couple of them are up on our photographers Facebook

2.   My sweet sister and SIL arrange a little brunch sprinkle for me…cutest ever and it was absolutely perfect! A post coming next week on the adorable decor.

3. This week we "test drove" strollers around the baby stores. I say test drive, because with this MAJOR expense it's almost like purchasing a car (maybe a bit of a dramatic statement). We found the one we want and went on to amazon and it as delivered days later! We were deciding between the BOB and the City Select. If I was a marathon runner that had a nanny for my outings, I'd get the BOB. But since I will be trucking this kids to actual necessary places like the doctors and other random tiny aisled stores, the city select it is!

I built it inside and Easton wouldn't get out of it for over an hour. He loves it!

4.  I am just as bad as all the stores that start with Christmas early…I love thinking about all things xmas! Especially with being due NEXT month, I better get my Christmas toosh in gear. Since I will have my two babies this year, I think I can actually purchase personalized stockings from Pottery barn.

5.  And yes it is still November so I will stay in the Fall festive spirit. This weekend I am gonna try this recipe…

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Apple pickin'

There is a cute little town in the mountains about an hour and a half away called Oak Glenn. It consists of a apple orchards, pumpkin patches (like real ones), and christmas tree farms. At a specific ranch they have a petting zoo, horse drawn wagon rides, and apple picking! Yes, Easton was in heaven. 

 I wasn't quite sure how we would get him away from all the animals because I think he could've stayed in there the entire day…but when he saw horses pulling a wagon, it was no problem! I think this is definitely a yearly trip we will be making!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Trick or Treating Fun

Halloween 2014

Our cute little dragon absolutely loved everything halloween and of course got the hang of the trick or treating thing down after house number 1. To start the night off we when to visit Easton's cousins and aunt, he is obsessed with them and would probably move into their house if we would let him!

Yes Tucker's mask is ridiculously scary (or at least I thought so, but Easton thought it was funny).