Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter and The hunt

Easter Morning 

This boy got to try his peeps bright and early! Some things just have to slide on holidays. 

Easton was pretty lucky and scored a scooter, coloring book and finger paints, amongst other goodies!

He followed us to the backyard to see what the Easter bunny left and was excited to open each egg and eat its inside goodies. Luckily I only put one piece in each one. He did enjoy the hunt but didn't feel the need to get all the eggs, but rather play with his new toys he got in his basket!

Notice Bruce in the background. He was a little too excited about the eggs and had to go to his dog run.

We had the family over for a pot luck style breakfast. The breakfast turned out perfect. We had an egg & bacon casserole, french toast bake, and a beautiful fruit salad. 

Of course Easton went to his grandparents for a  little extra help to open the eggs!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Egg Dying

The Friday Night before Easter we started a little tradition, egg dying in the front yard. Easton loved every second of it!

He helped set up by bringing his chair outside, good man! He pointed to each of the colors, before the eggs came out! He oh so forcefully plopped an egg in each color and paitently waited while they changed colors. 

Definitely a fun memory that we will revisit each year!

Friday, April 18, 2014

5 on Friday

1. We've had some warm days in these parts and I am super excited to get this little beach bod in this new swim outfit! Carters always has amazing sales and I couldn't help myself.

2.  I visited the $1 store for the first time when I went to buy Easter eggs and other goodies for Easton's Easter basket and I found this beauty! I LOVE IT. Can you believe only a dollar?

3.  I am loving that these two have so much fun doing chores together...

Even though Easton gets distracted sometimes...

4. Lately this little pumpkin has been such a lover, kisses and hugs galore and I couldn't love it more!

5. And of course the reason for the weekend celebrations!