Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Happy ONE year to our Easton!
baby pancakes with blueberries for breakfast

A year ago today our sweet boy was born into this world! He makes each of our days more full. Makes exhaustion feel like bliss.  And makes everything more fun and more worth it. Happy Birthday sweet babe!

Now that we have a walking pro, Easton got some walking/water shoes today so we could enjoy the backyard "splash pad" otherwise known as the sprinkler. (last time I walked barefoot out there I got stung by a bee (ouch!). In the above photo he is wearing his reusable water diaper, holding his new water ball, and so excited to get in the backyard! It just so happened he is holding one finger up to show us how old he is today! And yes the finger was just a coincidence!


  1. Happy Birthday to Easton. He is absolutely adorable!

  2. Such a little burst of sunshine and fun he is! Can't wait to celebrate him more at his party :)