Tuesday, July 29, 2014

This growing belly

When "they" say you grow much faster once your body has been pregnant..."they" are NOT lying.

I would say this past week 17 1/2-18, I think I actually look pregnant to the outside world!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Packing for your "lap infant"

How we manage Flying across country

Currently I am on the East Coast with my almost 2 year old. This will be his 7th round-trip flight as a "lap infant". Each time has had its own challenges. At this age, I would say my goal is to prevent a tantrum and keep him busy and happy the entire 6 hours of flight. Little does he know, he can get away with almost anything while up in the air. 

From my experience the best airline to fly with a lap infant is by far Jetblue. The extra space, the free first checked bag, the fact that you can bring a diaper bag, stroller, and carseat for free, need I go on?

Above are the essentials, and each flight I have learned to add something. For instance, on our way home from Hawaii when Easton went #2 and it leaked through his clothes...where does one put the sh** soaked clothes? A plastic bag of course! Well, I have added that in preparation this time.

1. Plenty of diapers
2. Travel wipes
3. Wet ones to clean nasty surfaces and germy hands
4. A disposable changing pad
5. Extra clothes (really should pack for everyone involved. Ever been peed on mid flight? I have.)
6. Books
7. Stickers.
8. Disposable placemats
9. Food
10. Ipad (unpictured). with newly downloaded apps and disney junior episodes.

I don't bring my diaper bag at this point in life. While crammed in an airplan seat with an almost 2 year old on your lap you need easy access, a large bag with a large opening and lots of pockets to organize!

With the beauty of a free checked bag on Jetblue, I pack our things together! He gets his small half and I get the rest of the space! I used to try and get by with minimal outfits and then realized how often toddlers spill and go to the bathroom. At least 1 outfit per day!

*At this point I am already well into my vacation, so lets hope the flight preparation worked and we have enough clothes!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Girl Nursery

Since finding out our pregnancy news I have being dreaming about the new nursery that I would rock yet another sweet baby in. Easton will be 2 years and 4 months when she makes her debut and I have been debating evicting him from his crib. If you know me at all then you know he didn't start sleeping at night until last month (22 months). So the husby and I have decided that we will let him take his time (or we can take our time) and then convert his crib the a toddler bed, then a double bed. I have been on  craiglist search for a similar crib to the one below. 

Quilt & Pillow: Anna Joy French http://www.ajfrench.com
Jenny Lind Crib 
Ikea:  Rug
Ikea:  Changing table
Hobby Lobby: Follow that dream print

I plan on having black and white accents and then make it vintage girly with real quilts and pillows. 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Something I haven't mentioned...

That's right, we will be a family of 4 by Christmas! I am due Christmas Eve with baby #2.

I am currently 18 weeks (sorry little blog, a lot has changed and I haven't updated you). I have my energy, appetite, and sleep back! The beginning of this pregnancy was the opposite as last time minus the nausea and barf sickness that had an unwelcome visit for 6 weeks. 

The day we found out the gender, we had my family over for dinner and had a little guessing game. 

 Easton got to reveal the news.

He was so excited to rip that paper off and everyone cheered...so he got a little shy.