Friday, July 19, 2013

5 on Friday Linky

number 1: For Mother's day I was gifted this amazing candle from bath & body works and I finally started using it and it makes my home smell so fresh and peaceful. It's one of those candles that inspires you to keep your house clean (but if you don't at least it smells clean). 

number 2: My new kitchen cafe shelves...gotta love my husband. I show him something on pintrest, tell him how much I love it and where I think it would look good in our home. I come home from work and there they are! I just put some random display items up there, but will most definitely making them look more gorge as the time goes on. These were home depot wooden shelves and he painted them swiss coffee to match our baseboards and door trims. 

number 3: Umm baby Tom's...need I say more. They are the cutest most adorable baby boy shoe ever! I bought a size up just so they last longer : ) Found at Nordies

number 4: Little guys bathroom coming together. Anchor towel hooks are ready!

number 5: Chevron mouse pad found here on etsy!


  1. LOVE each one of these. His bathroom is coming along so cute! I haven't even really looked in there recently!

  2. that candle is right up my alley!
    i love a good, clean, fresh scent!

    baby Toms are my weakness!
    with two boys...i have an excuse to indulge every once in awhile ;)

    you have a beautiful family!