Sunday, December 28, 2014

Madelyn Eve

Our little miss arrived December 12th just before 8 a.m.

Big brother Easton was pretty excited to meet her for the first time.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Back when I turned 28

For my 28th Birthday we celebrated with dinner in our backyard. (It was many months ago, but so delicious and fun that I don't want the photos lost…so I must blog.) We had a delicious appetizer board, crab legs, the coolest dinner bread ever, my favorite homemade cake and some spritzers. 

And yes I was a couple months pregnant so I opted for a "virgin spritzer".

Oh did I forget to mention we also had a slip and slide? I'm not sure if the husband purchased this for me, him, or Easton. 

Monday, December 8, 2014

The time we visited Charleston, SC

 My sister got married in North Carolina in September and as a growing family of three we decided to make the most of our trip and fly to Charleston, South Carolina since neither of us had ever been to this part of the U.S. before and then road trip to the wedding destination! Two vacations in 1. 

The forecast wasn't totally in our favor as it was overcast and misting the whole time we were in South Carolina, but it did not stop us! We walked and toured the city and loved it. 
We had delicious coffees and wonderful meals and really enjoyed our time. Easton was a traveling champion, but couldn't quite make it through every dinner… Thank goodness Daddy loves to cuddle too!

A homemade ice cream sandwich with a glass of milk…a pregnant ladies post dinner dream!

Friday, December 5, 2014

5 on Friday

1. Our family got a little big bigger and a whole lot sweeter this week! My niece was born and we are so in love. She is beautiful!

2. Online Christmas Shopping and Deals. I am oh so thankful for the wonderful service on online shopping this time of year. Being 9 1/2 months pregnant and being on "modified bed rest" during black Friday deals with a  2 year old makes Christmas shopping nearly impossible. But this year all the stores basically had the same deals online and free shipping! I scored these adorable pillows for our couch from west elm.

 3. Had to share this. When I was told by my Doctor last week that I shouldn't be doing "any house work or walking and should take it very easy" due to low amniotic fluid levels, I wondered how it would work. Well here it is. Attempting to side lay on the couch while being climbed on by a ninja turtle. Bedrest = impossible!

4.  This weekend I hope to continue doing some decorating! Hopefully Easton loves his felt tree as much as he did last year (or more). 

5.  Although Santa has been sitting in the mall for weeks…I am not sure that we want to tell him what we want for Christmas after last year : /

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Madelyn's Nursery…progress

I love the nursery planning process and will love the finished product even more! We have a couple finishing touches to hopefully tackle this weekend...

Crib: Jenny Lind
Ruffle Crib skirt: Target
M & Frame: Hobby Lobby
Curtains: Ikea
Child rocker (for Easton to hang out in): Ikea
Deer doll: Smitten for the Wee generation
Night Light: Etsy

Book Shelves: Ikea
Pouf: Land of Nod
Arrow hooks: Hobby Lobby

Dresser: Ikea (legs cut off for better changing height)
Changing pad: Land of nod
We still need to hang this deer print and have a matching fox print to go next to it.

Arizona Vacation Part 2

Arizona Day 2 was fishing day. Easton had his fishing pole for about a week or two prior to vacation and he learned to cast and reel in his fake fish. We practice in the bathtub, of course.

He continued to cast and reel his fake fish in the lake…and loved every second.

Daddy even caught a baby lizard.

And uncle Chase took him for a walk and he obviously had a lot to talk about.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Arizona Vacation (part 1)

A couple of weeks ago we road tripped to Tucker's aunts family home in Arizona. Although the Dr. did not "recommend" a 7 hour road trip at 34 weeks pregnant, she kinda understood that I was going and would be careful. We had been talking to Easton about this vacation for weeks and he was so excited to go, and so were we!
We decided to leave at 5 a.m. so that Easton could sleep part of the way, since we knew we would have to stop many times for this preggo mama, making our 7 hour trip into more like 8 or 9. The second Easton saw the car packed and ready at 5 a.m. he screamed with joy "vacation" and was wide awake…luckily we made record time and he was a champ for the car ride!

 The cutest little stud muffin you ever did see.
 He was so happy to see the chickens…the chickens were not so happy to see him! He couldn't quite contain his excitement in his voice or his movements, which seems to scare them a bit. 

 Tucker's aunt would either leave or put eggs out each morning so he could go get them from the chicken coup…pretty amazing!

And of course he got to ride "the motorcycle" and his little hands were freezing, but he didn't care one bit!

Pure joy for both my boys
And all this fun was accomplished day 1...

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Baby Bumpin'

Oh the progression of a growing belly! 

Sadly, I really don't know what week each of these is and yes I could go through and sort through the dates and figure it out…but my to do list is a little bit too long to have time like that! I can't even believe that I have 2 weeks before this little bumpkin is here! I can't wait to have her in my arms…although I am a little sad seeing my 2 year old baby be moved to big brother. At breakfast the other day he said, "I'm not a baby anymore, I a big boy" and I got teary eyed…He doesn't realize he will always be my baby.

Monday, November 24, 2014

35 weeks

Last week we hit the 35 week mark! I've been attending my NSTs twice a week and had a regular OB appointment. So far so good! 

 The growing belly is getting harder to dress! I didn't buy any "winter" clothes with Easton since he was due in August and I don't really want to spend much seeing as I only have a few weeks left! That calls for lots of repeats and lots of cramming into pre pregnancy shirts and sweaters…which is not that flattering!

So much to do a and I feel like so little time with a sweet toddler around. The nursery still has a ways to go, bags need to be packed, laundry to be done and everything else! At least it is all fun stuff. 

Friday, November 7, 2014

5 on Friday

1. This past weekend we had our "family/maternity photos taken". A couple of them are up on our photographers Facebook

2.   My sweet sister and SIL arrange a little brunch sprinkle for me…cutest ever and it was absolutely perfect! A post coming next week on the adorable decor.

3. This week we "test drove" strollers around the baby stores. I say test drive, because with this MAJOR expense it's almost like purchasing a car (maybe a bit of a dramatic statement). We found the one we want and went on to amazon and it as delivered days later! We were deciding between the BOB and the City Select. If I was a marathon runner that had a nanny for my outings, I'd get the BOB. But since I will be trucking this kids to actual necessary places like the doctors and other random tiny aisled stores, the city select it is!

I built it inside and Easton wouldn't get out of it for over an hour. He loves it!

4.  I am just as bad as all the stores that start with Christmas early…I love thinking about all things xmas! Especially with being due NEXT month, I better get my Christmas toosh in gear. Since I will have my two babies this year, I think I can actually purchase personalized stockings from Pottery barn.

5.  And yes it is still November so I will stay in the Fall festive spirit. This weekend I am gonna try this recipe…