Monday, September 30, 2013

Family Vacation

Our family vacation has come and gone. It was filled with beautiful sites, great food and lots of family time. Our trip was planned around a memorial for Tucker's Mom who passed away about a year and half  ago. She absolutely loved the outdoors, camping and all the forest of Williams, AZ had to offer. It was a hard time for all but we heard stories of her life and shared in many laughs and remembrances of her. We rented a cabin in  with some family and it was perfect. It was on 10 acres and we were able to go on nature hikes, ride horses and see some beautiful sunsets. 

 Easton got to ride his first cow, it was obviously fake, but he doesn't need to know. I think he was a bit confused with socks, sweaters and boots since he is used to shorts, sandals and t-shirts.

One of the days consisted a of a little horse back of my fears since childhood. I figured if Easton could ride...then I probably could too! It was a blast and I can't wait till next time.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Letting them be

Do you ever let your kids lead the way? Sometimes I find this difficult but when I do, I realize how beautiful it is. One afternoon I went to turn the hose on so I could water the plants, but Easton got to it first. Rather than telling him "no" I just sat back and watched. He took a drink, gave the dogs a drink, soaked himself and started playing in the mud. The mud covered his soft cheeks and cute little hands. He lined little rocks and pieces of mulch on our outdoor furniture.  

He was all giggles when the dogs started joining in. 

I think sometimes we just need to let them experience things on their own, rather than controlling every aspect of their environment. Dirt and all. 

Thank goodness for bath tubs and bubbles. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Halloween Decor

Welp, along with many of you the Stroud casa is decked out for Halloween and has been since the first official day of Fall! I have little ghost lights, jack-o-lanterns and pumpkins all around. Easton loves it all and points at every new thing! 

I am just loving the cool evenings when I can light my yummy fall candles. The only semi-bad thing about this season is the amazing meals that come along with the cool weather...and the equally amazing desserts! Say hello to a couple extra pounds!

I am loving all the Halloween lights just as much as Easton does. He loves the ghost lights and I put some jack-o-lanterns in his nursery

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Kid Tested and Mom Approved Gear

This past year I have learned many things including, a stroller is not just a stroller, and it really does matter what baby carrier you use. When I traveled to Boston with my 8 week old (almost a year ago) I didn't think twice about bringing our stroller. And then we attempted to fit it in the mid sized rental car...and I realized it was GINORMOUS. I now realize it was a mistake to buy the Graco stroller that came with a carseat (great deal, if you never have to put it in a car). I much prefer the so called "umbrella stroller" by Chico. Also Mommy hooks are a must for any bags. I LOVE my Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag. We decided to go with a "space saver" high chair which is great for our small eating space. When Easton was a teeny tiny baby I carried him all the time in a Maya Wrap, it was perfect! I have the Bjorn carrier...great for infants not great for backs. The Ergo is so much better.

Go to Year within the First Year

1. Umbrella or compact stroller
2. Mommy Hooks
3. Space Saver High Chair
4. Maya Wrap (If you like baby wearing)
5. Ergo Baby Carrier

Yes Easton is in that Maya Wrap

Ginormous Stroller..

Wearing both the baby bjorn (wishing he was in an ERGO) and PPB Diaper Backpack

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ahoy, Nautical Bathroom Remodel!

One of the areas of the house that had only been "lightly touched" by replacing the laminate flooring with travertine stone and painting the vanity to a dark espresso was the guest, now kids bathroom! The yellow walls have turned navy, the mirrors replaced, accessories added and a whole wall has been filled with wood planks (thanks to the husband of course). 

here are some before photos

I debated how to decorate or which theme to go with. Figuring if I did a neutral theme I would have all boys and if I did a boy theme our next child would be a girl. Either way I think nautical bathrooms can go either way.
Towel: Pottery Barn Bathmat: Threshold Mirror: Swap Meet Find
 Of course I found so many ideas for Easton's bathroom on Pottery Barn Kids, and wanted everything! But this gal is not willing to spend $80 on a kids bathroom shelf, enter husband. Showed him a picture, got a list of supplies and off to Home Depot I went. This piece of wood.. $0.52.
Anchor Hooks: Cost Plus World Market Life Saver: HomeGoods Whale art: Daisy Shoppe Whale: gift
 Although there are a couple of finishing touches that could be added, for the most part it is complete! 
The lotion basket is also the Threshold line from Target. Of course when the "poop deck" plaque was spotted, we knew where it would go! 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Favorite Toys

Today I am joining the Kid Tested Mom Approved Link Up, hosted by Julie over at thegirlintheredshoescom. Todays topic is all about toys, second to clothes I think it is my next most favorite shopping adventure with the boy! I try to buy toys that will go along with what he is supposed to be learning at each stage! Right now we are reading lots of books, stacking lots of blocks and working on puzzles. 
Most of our mornings consist of playing in the backyard, watering the plants and Easton moving dirt from one place to another. I can fill a bucket with water and he is a happy camper. In those times I really start to wonder if he needs any toys...

But then his face lights up when he sees anything with bright colors especially if it moves or makes noise. Also toys allow for some down time or quiet time. Especially books, stuffed animals and our puzzles.

This picture below is from our July vacation. We stayed at my extended families house and they had this amazing bowling set, it was so cute!

Friday, September 13, 2013

5 on Friday

Although I am so happy it is Friday, it is actually my Sunday...I'm working this whole weekend and wont even get to see my little Easton from Friday  night until Monday morning!

1: Ever since Easton has started to like become obsessed with Mickey Mouse I wanted for him to have place to sit. The couch is too high for him to climb onto and he does not know how to get off. I wanted a very cute pottery barn chair...but settled for this little Ikea kids rocker and it is perfect! We've had it for 2 months and he sits in it everyday for his show!

2: I have a serious addiction to Starburst jelly beans which come out around Easter. This morning at the grocery store when I saw Starburst candy corn...I couldn't resist! They are divine.

3: This week I put the finishing touches on my "BOO" and made a little DIY spider web and ta dah some Halloween decor (sorry if you think its too early, but I think its too much work to decorate for just 30 days, so I started). 

4. I don't mean to advertise for alcohol or anything BUT this beer is my all time favorite and it makes me really feel like Fall. When I say all time favorite I mean basically only beer that I enjoy!

5: And Finally I present Easton's Finished Nautical bathroom. It is freaking adorable! I love every inch of it! 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Memories Link Up

The birth of our sweet babe was the most incredible experience of my life. The excitement of finally being in and done with labor, the fear of the unknown, the love that surrounded me, and the joy of holding that little bundle after all that hard work was complete (or really just beginning) was the best feeling. Since I knew I would be making a "First Yearbook" digitally I didn't really have a place for the little keep sakes we left the hospital with! I had his cute little hat, the card from his hospital bassinet, his ankle band, a teeny newborn diaper, and  a tie from his elephant crib bumper, which is all neatly crafted in a shadow box!

Once the pictures were ordered and the scrabble letters were glued together, it was basically just pinning the other items into the shadow box. Now when I make his baby box I can neatly just place this in there, rather than throwing a loose ankle band, a newborn hat, and a teeny tiny diaper. I am sure one day in the next couple of years I will show him the diaper to show how small he really was!

Here is a little sneak peak of "Easton's First Yearbook". I hope to have in completed in the next month or so. I just get caught up in all the pictures and journaling when I work on far a very slow process for this Mama! 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday!!

Today I want to wish my dear cousin Jasmine a Happy Birthday! She is and has always been there for me in every part of my life. I mean she lives across the country and in the past couple of years has made it to my bridal shower, came out a week before my wedding to finish projects, flew out to my baby shower and came to my babes 1st birthday. And when I say across the country I mean literally Massachusetts to California. 

she and her husband both wore festive hats for Easton's birthday : )

Monday, September 9, 2013

Some days don't go as planned

Recently I have seen so many posts about how us bloggers show our "perfect" lives. Posting pictures of our perfectly clean and well dressed children, spotless house, yummy organic/gluten free/paleo/ recipes,  and crafty DIY projects. Some weeks while posting my 5 on Friday, I scream think I want to post my worst moments of the week and vent. Even though my life may look like a complete mess looking in, most days it really does feel close to perfect.  Half the time my child is not even wearing a complete outfit, his breakfast is still stuck to his face, my house is a disaster, I can't think of anything to make for dinner, and my DIY projects are just not turning out how I planned. 

 As I am trying to make dinner I look over and see my perfect angle again taking everything out of the cabinets and I think for the 500th time, we should really kid proof this kitchen.

That same perfect angel is not wearing any pants because he is a ninja on the changing table and escapes before I can even put them back on. Also note he has a red bump on his forehead, he gets a new one almost every day.

See my oh so cute alphabet letters that I made for a friends children for Christmas (this was last Christmas) that got packed and lost in my parents move. I thought I finally had my self together to give them as a "starting" school gift and realized the freaking "A" is missing!

This past weekend we had a little fall craft fest, which was so much fun and our projects turned out so cute! However my "BOO" is incomplete because I purchased "moss" instead of "raffia" and therefore another unfinished DIY project. 

These not so perfect moments are just as good sometimes. Plain plastic bowls keep my kid happy. A home cooked meal makes my family come together. The memories of searching through my moms fabrics and making that alphabet while my tiny baby swung in his swing are unforgetable . And our fall craft day may have been 100 + degrees and I may not have had the  exact supplies for my project but it was so much fun! 

Sometimes in the midst of all the imperfection I just feel so full and thankful. 

Friday, September 6, 2013

5 on Friday

1. I am loving these thank you cards that I found at Target, they totally go with the nautical themed birthday party Easton had. 
 2. We have taken full advantage of the beach this summer. We tried out a new beach, "baby beach" which is in Dana Point Harbor and it has no waves and it is filled with kids! Easton loved it...side note, beach with a one year old is not the most relaxing time in ones life!

3. Lately I have been more aware of what is in all the processed foods that we love to consume. As a family we eat pretty clean. I purchased this beauty, its a glass (yes no plastic) salad/marinade container that has so many recipes on it! Can't wait to use it.

4.. I am starting to brainstorm Easton's Halloween costume. I am pretty sure we are going for the Scarecrow! Although he did make a pretty cute pumpkin. 

5. So excited for tomorrow because we are having a fall craft day! Some of the DIY projects I have planned are below (lets see if any of these actually get made) it is easy to make these plans and yet when there is a busy boy running around it is hard to keep these plans!