Monday, July 1, 2013

DIY cut off onesie & 4th of July Baby Tank

4th of July DIY onesie

We are preparing for our 4th of July getaway...which of course must include a cute little outfit for the mister for his first 4th of July parade! I have so so many long sleeved onesies that still fit and figured rather than pack them away and buy all new short sleeved onesies...I would work with what I have! Besides, pudgy baby arms in a cut-off onesie? I can't think of anything cuter right now!

 Above are the steps to convert your onesies into cut offs. Basically turn it inside out...cut along the seams going up the sleeve and then around the shoulder!

I love incorporating baby hands into every holiday.  Just like this pumpkin from Easton's first halloween! Little tiny baby hands and feet!

The below process got a little messier than anticipated...but hopefully will look cute! I squirted some paint on a paper plate and made it about the side of his hand and then dipped those cute fingers into the paint...of course he grabbed the paint, but I quickly attempted to "place" his hand on the shirt. Little areas of smudges around the fingers and palm were later corrected with a paint brush! I then used my finger (it would be a very very bad idea to use his finger for this...) and made some red lines for the flag! 
When he wakes up from his nap...hopefully we will have a little modeling session! I can't wait!

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  1. so cute and unique! can't wait to see pics of him in it.