Friday, October 31, 2014

5 on Friday

1. This week I purchased and received two adorable shirts for Easton from this etsy shop.

2. Nursery Progress! This week baby girls mint moroccan pouf arrived along with her changing pad cover, both from land of nod. Meanwhile the mobile and the sheep pillow are still in the works! 

3.  This week was major in the pregnancy department. I worked my last night shift of the pregnancy and now get to be home…I think anyway. Maternity/Disability is so hard to figure out these days. I also started my twice a week NST's for baby girl and so far she is doing well. This weekend I have all my best girlfriends helping be celebrate this little miracle of a life because my sisters are having a baby sprinkle in her honor! Oh and maternity photos, which we didn't do last time, so I am super excited!

4. Love looking back and seeing my little guy on his first 2 Halloweens!

5. And now that we've been living Halloween all month long, after this weekend we get to move onto the next fun Holiday!! Having a toddler is so much fun. I'm sure he will be sad to see all the spiders, bats and ghost come down from around the house. 

Friday, October 17, 2014

5 on Friday

This week was an exciting one in these parts! The weather broke a bit, and we hit the 70's during the day and 50's at night. Easton rode his stridor, LOVED going to "church school", peed on the actual potty (no more cleaning a little potty, I think I'm dreaming on this one), and got to go to a night time street fair, petting zoo and all!

 1. Tonight we are having some family over for dinner and I am super excited to make carmel fondue, will all the fixings!

2. For Easton's birthday Tucker insisted on getting him a Stridor bike and after the initial excitement he has refused to ride it, until this week! We got him a new helmet thinking he would show some interest, but he threw that one down and wanted his old helmet. Whatever works!

3. I am such as cheap a** when it comes to maternity clothes, especially with only months left. But When I saw a maternity Broncos shirt, I couldn't resist!

 4. This Sunday we hope to head to Oak Glen which has a bunch of ranches and lots of Fall festive fun. I can't wait for Easton to see it. At one of the ranches there are train rides, apple picking, pig races, and pony rides…he will be in heaven.

5. With less than 9 weeks left until this baby is due I am surely putting the pressure on her father to pick a name! With Easton the day we found out he was a boy, at 12 weeks, we named him. This little one is almost at the 32 week mark and we are no closer to choosing than we were months ago! I guess there will be no monogramming. 

On a sad note, I think my Cannon rebel may need to be laid to rest. It won't focus and I need, or guess I want a new camera. Any suggestions on something that isn't $800 +? Happy weekending all!

Monday, October 6, 2014

How I survived the 1st trimester

When I thought I was pregnant and got a "negative" test I just decided I must have been dying. After days of feeling this way I took another one (a different brand) and it was positive, and I realized there was actually a reason to be feeling this horrible. With Easton I felt completely normal for the first 9 weeks and almost didn't believe I was pregnant. This was the opposite, I didn't believe I wasn't pregnant and I was right! Maybe it's girl versus boy? 

Just like the last pregnancy I am swearing by Mustela cream to prevent stretch marks. Now being further along I do Mustela in the morning and Palmers in the evening. After going all first pregnancy without a pregnancy pillow, I bit the dust early and bought one! Since I am a horrible water drinker, I figured it would be easier with a cute tumbler, and I was right. With the help of zofran I was able to leave the house…and I couldn't leave the house without it! I made it the whole time with Easton without taking anything, but this time was no joke!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday Faves

Happy Friday friends

1. I am excited to start sorting through and editing all of our photos from our trip to the carolinas. 

2. Football season…because of the decor, snacks, family time and of course watching the game. And I actually get to start purchasing Broncos accessories for baby girl.

3. Pumpkin Spice Waffles. These little suckers mean business!

4. Little boy style from the gap. I'm starting to find outfits for our maternity/christmas photos!

5. My little skeleton caught in the act of steeling boots from my closet!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Happy October

This year we are oh so excited for every holiday because Easton is at the age where he is noticing every detail. Halloween kicks off the fun. When he woke up from his nap we made Halloween cupcakes. Waited for Daddy to get home from work while drinking apple cider. And finished off the night by putting up some Halloween decor.

And yes on September 30th he went to sleep wearing skeleton PJs. 

All of the above are from Gap, Carters, Pottery Barn and etsy. And I probably wouldn't have him wearing the "let's get sheet faced" shirt, but I thought it was pretty funny.