Saturday, July 27, 2013

DIY Anchor Party Hats

 With my babies first birthday party around the corner the DIY projects of navy, red and anchors are in full force! Of course I couldn't find the perfect party hat to match the rest of our decor, unless I wanted to spend about $17 each on etsy, so I decided to semi-homemake them! I wandered around our local party store and found red striped hats...but they had a tiger with a black hat on them. I wanted to put my own little twist on them so I added some trim with streamers, a little pom on the top, and covered the tiger with an anchor! They came out pretty cute.

Here is the finished product

The achor was designed by my sis (, printed onto 2 1/2 inch avery circular labels and backed with navy card stock. 

The hats are all ready for kiddos...