Sunday, April 28, 2013

Weekend Revisited

So quickly it goes by...I got home late Friday night after a pretty intense work day. Had a sleep over at my parents of course with my sis and babe...because we did the community garage sale bright and early on Saturday! It was partly a success...I sold clothes, our kitchen table, a bike, etc.  but basically feel like I gave it all away! Then we had a quick pool sesh followed by a dinner party Southern style at my brothers! I had to prepare Saturday night for work in the wee hours on Sunday mornin'...but after over sleeping (my alarm set for 4:45 and didn't get out of bed until 5:15) and stressfully attempting to get ready in 15 minutes I heard the phone ring and I was on call for the news!! I was able to partly enjoy Sunday with the family (when on call I always have a pit in my stomach that my phone will ring and I will have the hurry to work, but it didn't happen today).
 Photos: greyhound, nursery, hugs at the pool, family photo

 Photos: crazy nap position, shirt head, sun bather, pool napper
Photos: upside down baby, baby in truck bed, ladies

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  1. the shirt head and crazy nap position photos are priceless--i love how he manages to still give a big "cheese" even though his pacifer is in his mouth. such a great weekend, can't wait to have another one like this soon!