Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Beautifying my Cork Board


Since our wedding I have had two cork boards laying around that just kind seem blah. See here for my original use  of them as our place cards for the wedding dinner. This past weekend on our craft day I chose to beautify my cork board to hopefully add some decor to my extra room/office area! Of course when I sat down to do said project, I realized the fabric was wrinkled and I didn't have a staple gun...fail! (How come when I go to do DIY projects it turns out I don't have the appropriate gear and then I give up?) Well the next day I got more motivation when I saw the iron that according to some house guests and the husband had been missing for weeks (yes it was exactly where it is supposed to be, in the basket above the ironing board). Then the husband and I went to the Depot (Home Depot) to browse the fan section since we are getting ceiling fans installed this weekend and decided we could finally purchase our very own staple gun instead of borrowing my brothers like we normally do. When we got back my sista and I were able to start the process! 

As I was so frustrated with major events like wrinkled fabric and lack of staple gun my parents called me from New England letting me know there was some "explosion" in Boston. My parents were on their way to Boston for their future flight home. I immediately turned the news on and there it was "explosions near the finish line at the marathon". There was blood, chaos and people frantically helping others. The news kept replaying (and still are) the explosion...as if we forgot what it looked like the first time. And the broadcasters keep getting excited when they think they have "new footage" of the explosions. It is kind of sickening, but thats how the new always is. They have breaking news that citizens are being attacked and the next breaking news that a tree fell on a road because of the wind...Really? 

I knew my parents were okay, but realized others were not. It makes me sick to see that these people are hurting but makes my heart happy when I see others helping strangers because that is our American way. As I see random chaos at work during emergencies in the hospital I see how others really do try their hardest to make other people feel better in times of need. This was on a much broader spectrum...everyone was helping. People running towards the site to carry others away or apply tourniquets when another explosion can happen. Heroes. These tragic events always make me want to smack myself in the face. Wrinkled fabric? Lack of staple gun? What was I thinking. 

I can't fathom the loss of a little boy. I wont think about it. Those lost, those grieving, those attempting to heal, those struggling to hold on, I pray for all of them. 


Now I must find some goodies to pin to my board! Its interesting that when you hear of these tragedies you know you'll remember what you were doing. I guess this little silly cork board will be that item for me. Or the vision I have of my sweet boy pulling himself up for the first time yesterday. Memories are a silly thing. 

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  1. Love it! It came out so cute. You need some colorful pieces to pin up there, and of course a photo of mr!