Sunday, April 21, 2013

Afternoon Pool Sesh

After going to the beach this past week and realizing I have not purchased a bathing suit in years (minus what I bought last year when I was pregnant) I set out to buy some suits for this season. Of course I didn't come home empty handed...Easton got two super cute suits from baby Gap! I...did not find ANYTHING! I will continue my search this week. Do you see this super cute baby in that super cute bathing suit?

He absolutely loved the pool! I didn't put him under because I was nervous he would swallow/inhale water. His mouth was open the entire time. He was splashing and kicking and having the time of his life!

 Mister Babe was about ready for a nap, but his Papa arrived so he got his second wind and went for another swim. 


  1. Easton is so cute! Love his cute bathing suit! So excited for summer!! :)