Thursday, April 18, 2013

So we have this space....

We have this area at the bottom of our stairs that I really am unsure about. Do I leave it with nothing? Do I add a little table?  A chair or stool? A lamp? Do I arrange a gallery wall?  Since our downstairs area is on the little side I'm not sure if it would look too cluttered. But I do know that it looks very blank and boring. 

I always see these amazing hallways/foyers/gallery walls etc. And I guess you could say I am a little jealous.


 I mean how cool is this. They made a DIY magnetic board which goes along side their chalk board door as your looking into their amazing wood paneled front foyer. I just need some an interior decorators guidance! Or maybe the author of this blog could just come and work her magic on my house!


Or this...they took a blank corner and are in the process of adding some life! I love it! All it takes is a table, a mirror, and some perfectly hung frames!

So I came up with some ideas...all from Target. I could add a little hutch, a tall lamp, a stool? Since Threshold and Nake Berkus have started their Target lines...home decor from Target is looking pretty classy!


  1. i think the DIY magnetic board type things could get messy...I mean i'm sure E is going to make some AMAZING pieces of artwork in the coming years, but it might be cleaner if you just put a short hutch there for storage and some frames on top!!

  2. I love what you came up with!! Looks awesome and really love the color scheme.