Thursday, April 25, 2013

The day my baby stopped eating baby food...

It is official this boy loves to eat and he loves to feed himself! Or maybe just hates the act of being fed. I can no longer just "grab" a snack, he also has to grab a snack. I can no longer have  a quick lunch, he also wants a quick lunch. But now... he will eat my food. It is amazing!! FREEDOM! It used to be that we would take turns feeding him during dinner and he would want to eat and eat fast! Now I can just arrange his meal on his tray and he goes for it. Last night we had tostada salads for dinner and I made him a mini tostada salad (cut up turkey, tortilla, avocado, cheese etc. ) he loved it! But you know who is   really loving this...our chocolate lab/food lover, Harley. 

* Note: The less clothes the better = less mess.


  1. oh my goodness--he gets cuter every day i swear! and look at those little teethers on the bottom...not looking so little anymore. love him so much, and harl!

  2. He has your eyes Chelsey! too cute!- Tess