Friday, April 5, 2013

Baby Proofing 101

    Before becoming a parent It was easy to pose judgment on others based on whether they placed their kid in a bubble or let their child roam free. I always thought I would be the happy medium...don't we all just think we do it right? I now realize that each child is different and there really is not a set in stone way to care for them. Just because you have a bullet proof house and your child wearing a bumper body suit doesn't doesn't make you any better than the parent that does the opposite. 

    The other night before we put Easton to bed we discussed how we should really lower his crib soon because before we know it he will realize he can sit up, then stand up and then climbing out! We debated on the right time, and new it was now, but were both SO tired from our days we tried to convince ourselves otherwise. But we put our parent shoes on and lowered it. That night when he woke up in the middle of the night of course I went in to rescue him and he was sitting up, crying and of course waiting for his mama (who needs to grow thicker skin and let this baby cry). 

   We have a gate on the stairs, it was for the dogs, but now its for the babe too! We put outlet covers on...which made him curious. We put a bumper on the stone fireplace. But this kid loves his cords...Basically how far is too far and what is not enough. When browsing the baby proofing section at buybuybaby or babies r us I see that there is a baby proofing item for each and every nook and cranny of this world. What do you all think is necessary and unnecessary?

Based on these pictures, I think I am going to be in trouble with this little one!


  1. haha, those pics are hilarious! what a curious little feller

  2. The pictures are fantastic! I love the ones above, the beach (adorable) and the hunt. So funny!

  3. I love all these pics too - but especially that last one with the crazy face! SO CUTE and full of personality. (Also kind of reminds me of how you acted as a toddler! hehe)