Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A teething Tot

1. Sophie: This little giraffe works wonders! This little miracle worker is great because little babies can hold onto it, you can fasten it to a pacifier clip, and it doesn't make a mess! Works great for outings and the car!

2. Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder: These mesh containers have provided my little guy with relief when nothing else does! I have cut up fruit in small pieces, froze it and then packed the containers with it. He can hold onto it and it not only feels good on his sore gums, but also keeps him occupied. This can get messy so I only use it when I'm at home. At first I used ice cubes...but this makes for a wet and cold teething baby.

3.Teething ring: everyone should have one with a teething child...even when its not cold it works because it is rubbery.

4. Teething gel: I try my hardest to stay away from the gels since the Dr.'s have said it can cause the throat to become numb, I just make sure to only use a little! It works for instant relief...

5. Hylands teething tablets: My friends swear by these...so far I haven't noticed a difference with the tablets. I normally resort to Tylenol at bedtime.

See those three little suckers on the bottom...and no he doesn't have any top teeth. I can't imagine when he does because I have heard and I fear for when he bites while nursing!

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  1. the three cutest little teethers i've ever seen!