Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Toddler Felt Tree

We put our Christmas tree up the night before Thanksgiving and decorated it the day after. Easton truly feels that all round objects must be balls so after time out x5 he learned that we only point to ornaments on the tree and he has done a great job since. However kids should be able to enjoy all things Christmas  so I made him his own little "Christmas Corner". 

Step 1: Fold felt in half and draw half of tree. 
Step 2: Cut tree.
Step 3: Hang on the wall (I used wall safe Velcro)
Step 4: Hot glue gun the garland.
Step 5: Add hooks for the ornaments

All of the ornaments and garland are from the Target Christmas section $3-5 each. They are hanging on little velcro hooks. 

He hasn't seen it yet because he is peacefully sleeping on his new Flannel Crib Sheet. But I hope he is in heaven when he wakes up!

Thank you baby for sleeping so Mommy could make this for you.  I have high hopes this will keep you occupied while I wrap and make Christmas presents! 

 His new step stool will help him reach the higher ornaments, since he loves climbing these days (with parental supervision of course). Our cookie plate was a steal on Zuilily this past month!


  1. TOO adorable! I love it. And I especially love that precious angel sleeping!