Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas Eve

Today is the day! Today is Easton's Christmas. Little does he know that when he goes to sleep for his nap he will wake up with a living room filled with presents! Since I have to work tomorrow the hubby agreed that we could do his presents today, so that I wont miss the chaos! 

 After some family fun we will head over to my parents annual Christmas Eve celebration. It is a relaxing night filled with family, presents, appetizers and cocktails! 

 This little guy has been so good with the ornaments, our first day of time outs really paid off this holiday season. He has a select few that he plays with (which are from his nursery tree) and other than that he just points to the "ball" ornaments!

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas Eve and get to be surrounded by those that you love. 

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  1. Love this little baby elf! Can't wait to see how excited he gets for his presents from Santa.