Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Our 16 month old

Our little buddy is now 16 months old. He got to go to 2 Christmas tree lightings, go to the pool (it was 85 on December 3rd), play in rain puddles, love on his pups, get a hair cut, and take holiday photos!

 He had a couple weeks were he was having some stomach issues and was not to into his veggies, but he is back on track, eating everything! He still doesn't sleep through the day, one day. He is very active and loves to be outside. He is still loving Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Clifford the big red dog. This month he has become quite the talker and can tell us what most animals say, moo, meow, woof, eeh ooh (monkey). He can point the the sky and ground, point to his body parts. He can climb onto most anything. I think he has all 4 molars and I think he got them all at once!

We weaned him from using his bottle to go to sleep at night! Parenting score! He now has his last milk on the couch and then goes up stairs for jammie time! Which is a win, however I may have let him try chocolate milk in his baba for the Christmas tree lighting...oops! But it was so cute!

His wagon had cute little battery colored lights for the tree lighting/Santa visit at the town green! We walked and it was freezing (well So-cal freezing)!


  1. that pic of him and Bruce is priceless! love it!