Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Why I am choosing to make Easton's Food

As you know I was so excited to start feeding my boy. Started with rice cereal, made a quick switch to oatmeal (both Earths Best brand) and then started with some real food! I personally think the containers are the cutest things ever. I decided to purchase both Gerber and Earth's best to try them out. I compared the labels...why I didn't do this in Target, I'm not sure! But do you see all the "ingredients in pears", I thought sweet potatoes were sweet potatoes. Gerber contains 7 ingredients! Of course I am sure they are all good for baby, but when I feed sweet potatoes, I want to be feeding sweet potatoes. Earths best has 2 ingredients, sweet potatoes and vitamin C...pretty close to homemade I would say!

Earths Best

My plan is to feed Easton pre-made food to make sure he likes the fruit or veggie (I am not doing the work if he wont eat them). Then if he likes the item, I will make it!


  1. only the best for our boy :) I think he likes the sweet stuff! such a good mama for making him all this.

  2. That's exciting that he likes it so much. You should take a video of him next time he eats! :)