Thursday, January 31, 2013

Rewind one Year

     Last year at this time we had planned a snowboarding trip to Mammoth...we were so excited to rent a cabin, snowboard, drink hot chocolate, and relax by a fire watching snow fall. Then I found out I was pregnant (best news ever)...and yes I even asked my doctor if it was okay to snowboard while pregnant (even though I already knew the answer DUH). My SIL had to cancel last minute because she was traveling for work and since I couldn't even snowboard we decided to cancel. Instead we decided on a coastal road trip! We drove up the coast and stopped in Santa Barbara, San Louis Obispo and then took a VERY long detour because the CA 1 apparently fell into the ocean (who would have thought) on our way to Monterey and Carmel. We saw beautiful scenic views, tasted tons of yummy food (although limiting the seafood while pregnant was difficult being in Monterey), and I watched the others drink delicious wine.
  Oddly enough it looks like this year that Mammoth vacation may actually happen. I wont be snowboarding because my little babe can't quite go to ski school yet! But I am sure excited to buy him a snow outfit!!! 

Took PCH up the coast

acting like sardines..

Had to stop and take some scenic pictures

Walked and stayed on Cannery Row

My sista


  1. such a fun trip last year! We need to do that again sometime. Bummed we're going to miss out on this year's Mammoth trip, but I cant wait to see photos!