Saturday, January 26, 2013

Finally a Bedtime routine

     For months we have struggled with implementing a night time routine. As sleep starved parents we were trying any and everything. After research, talking with other parents and tons of trial and error we found what works best for our family. We were referred to this website and decided to go with it. I never thought that I would let my sweet, darling baby "CIO" (cry it out) but after many sleepless nights for the baby and parents, we decided it was time. I learned to establish a routine and go with it. I realized he was well fed, in no pain, the right temperature, and he was crying regardless of being held or in his crib.
   For months we would rock, sing, sway, "shh and pat", go for a drive, whatever we could think of to get this baby to sleep...and it would be hours and hours of crying! I always heard, put your baby to sleep awake...umm has anyone ever tried this? It is torture! When my good friend painted a picture of her son standing in the crib screaming "mama", I decided I better do this now! After 3 nights of the awful, dreaded CIO, we have had almost 3 weeks of easy bedtime! Our boy does his bath, massage, story time, song, and nighty night (wide awake)!

- white noise is key
- have NOTHING in the crib/or room that is "timed" no mobiles, no songs, nothing! (If the baby falls asleep with it, it better be on when they wake up or they freak out!)
- have a video monitor to spy on them/make sure they are safe!
- have a set bedtime and stick with it.
- naps are a must

Our next task...longer sleep periods, or even better, all night!


  1. Lilyana won't even go in her crib she only wants to sleep In her pack n play!! Glad you found a routine!!!

  2. I'm so happy he has a routine so now when we babysit at nighttime it'll be a sinch (ha ha).