Sunday, August 25, 2013

Cowboy Country

This summer we are taking advantage of many aspects of our community like the beaches, pools, parks, free concerts and today, The Rancho Mission Viejo Rodeo. I have seen posters for this event for the past couple of years and always wanted to go...and finally we went! Easton is at the age where he can't just stay around the house everyday and be entertained. I think this will be an annual event for our family. I mean what kid doesn't love horses, cows, funnel cakes and BBQ?

 We went with my brother and my sista-in-law. I was amazed by all of the events...but mostly the acrobatic women who came out first. Incredible! Flips and other crazy things while a horse is running full speed? It was just amazing to see. 
 Lots of American pride here, which is always nice to see! Easton did great sitting in the stands for over 3 hours. Lots of music, clapping and animals to keep him busy!

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  1. Looks like so much fun! Bummed we missed it, but hopefully we can go next year.