Thursday, August 15, 2013

Reading Nook

What we started with...
- Rocker from a home consignment store,  husband says, "perfect, it's blue!". Which is where the lesson of denim versus teal came into play. I had hopes to recover the rocker so that it would fit better with our theme and thanks to my amazing mama, it did!

- Ikea shelves and frames

- Anthropology "E" jewelry hanger and a little stuffed elephant

Throughout the past year I have filled his shelves with meaningful items. The Letter "E" as made by his aunties for his baby shower. The bunny was a gift from his grandma for his first Easter. I made a little canvas painting before her was born. And then all the books have been gifts from his shower and birthday. 

Before becoming a Mom one of the things I dream of is rocking my baby and reading before bedtime. We are working on this one. Easton is very busy and is still learning how to "sit" for nighttime stories. 

 I found all his nursery fabric on varies website and purchased it for all the accessories of the nursery. Burp clothes, blankets, pillows etc. 

The most tedious project of all was recovering the lamp shade! I originally purchased this lamp from home goods when we first purchased our home and LOVED it. But when it came time to re-create the room into a nursery, I knew a floral lampshade and a baby boy don't really have the same feel. 

After the DIY lampshade battle and the pillow cover, I was in love! Now that we have been using it daily for a year, I am still so very happy every time I see it!

One of the best parts of this rocker is the side pockets! Great for pacifiers, books and bottles! 


  1. it looks great! i love all the colors in Easton's room! he'll probably be learning how to sit for stories for a few more years ;)

  2. Easty's so lucky to have such a fun nursery!