Friday, August 30, 2013

five on Friday

oNe. For a birthday party I hosted a couple of weeks ago, I made my very first sangria! I was so excited to use this "vino" carafe from Crate & Barrel. I think I will now be making sangria all the time!

tWo. I was happy when I saw this on pintrest because it made me realize maybe I'm not the only one who does this! When I get a text message...lets say at work (I'm not supposed to have my phone on me, EVER) so you better bet I'm not responding right away. I have a thirty minute lunch break and between clocking in and out, heating up my food, going to the bathroom and scarfing my food down...the thirty minutes is gone! And then I have an over hour drive on my way home, which I will not text on and then I'm home at 9 p.m. where I eat, get ready for bed, say hello to my husband and fall asleep. Sometime during that time I thought I already responded...which sometimes is not the case! Whoops!

tHreE & FoUr: My parents got Easton a cozy coupe for this birthday (it stays at their house) and every time he sees it, he is entertained for awhile. I love it!

My #4 is that I love that my baby dances on que. All I have to say is "dancy dance" when there is music and if there is no music all I have to do is sing "Hot Dog" from Mickey Mouse and he just goes for it! So stinkin' cute!

fIvE: As someone who has never been completely comfortable nursing in public (partly because I have a nursing ninja and likes do be doing acrobats while nursing) I find it so funny that the public gets so uncomfortable when someone feeds their child... Seriously walking around the mall these days and seeing 13 year old girls with their butts hanging out of their shorts and see through white shirts, and then some poor mother trying to feed her infant with a cover to "protect" passerby's.  I saw this cartoon and literally laughed out loud.


  1. Oh yum...I love Sangria!! I have never made it before though...but that looks like it would be so good!
    I have never nursed in public either but mostly just because C hates to be covered up and it's so hot and he kicks his legs like crazy so a cover wouldn't stay on anyways. I would rather just sit in the car or somewhere private and do it! Much easier! :) Have a great weekend!

  2. That cartoon is pretty accurate. I can't nurse in public because I like to use a cover (I've always been really modest) and baby boy does not like to be covered up. He wiggles and squirms and well... my boob does not stay covered. So I don't. But, I think this cartoon says it all too well.

  3. I have nominated your for a Leibster Award. Come check out the link and participate if you want!!