Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tracking Growth

This past summer when we visited Idaho, where Tucker is from, we visited his Grandparents house. One of the many amazing things that we saw was his great grandmothers door frame growth chart. It had Tucker's 8 month stats. We of course added Easton. Notice at the bottom 11-24-83 and then 7-3-13...30 years. How cool.  We know that we probably wont be in this house forever, and most likely not even that much longer, definitely not 30 years longer. We wont have the same doorframe for our great-grandkids to track their growth on. So we made a mobile one!

Although this growth chart ruler is super trendy, it is oh so cute! The best part is that it will follow us wherever we go. We can track our kids growth, their kids and hopefully their kids too! Plus it is super easy to make!

Speaking of growth...This little man had his 15 month check up today. See how much he has changed since his one year? Just three months ago? A baby versus a full blown toddler! Easton is 24 lbs (75%) and almost 33 inches (95%)! We discovered he most likely has a cows milk allergy so we will stick with almond milk for now. 
One issue with babies that have benign communicating hydrocephalus is that their speech may be delayed. Well, we passed with flying colors on this part! Answered prayers I tell ya. As of now he is saying; mama, dada, dog, toes, shoes, cheese, turtle, duck, bat, treats, yum, no, tickle and more! Of course these words may only be understood by his mama, but ill give him credit! 


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  2. Hooray for the checkup! And love the growth chart. :)