Wednesday, November 13, 2013


One of the reasons I chose to do a women's bible study on a weekday morning was that it had free childcare and Easton could be around other kids and learn to be away from me! Yes I do go to work 2 days a week, but I leave before he wakes up and come home after he is fast asleep. So basically he is not used to me dropping him off or me leaving him! 

It has been a struggle dropping him off and today it still was. But i got this sweet text from one of the moms that works in his room. All it says was "he's playing", followed by this picture. My heart melted and I was so proud of him! Each week I thought about just stopping the whole experience because it was horrible to see him so upset and miserable the whole time.  I guess persistence is key!

The above picture is him sleeping, obviously! As we pulled out of church he was already asleep in his carseat and with the transfer to the crib I did not dare remove his shoes! I am sure most moms can relate. Shoes in the crib? or no nap? Sheets can be washed 

I think it is so importance to have Easton interact with other children, especially being an only child.  This group allows him to be around many kids all around his age. Hopefully he can actually get excited about day!


  1. My parents watch my daughter 4 days a week while I work and I am starting to get worried about her being socialized. I know they spoil her rotten and I don't want her to be the snotty kid who can't play with others. Glad to hear that he adjusting to being around kids!

  2. so proud of my sweet nephew...and you!