Sunday, November 24, 2013

Ti's the week to be Thankful

Oh so thankful. 

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching and the month of November coming to a close, I can't help but be giddy for the next big holiday! I have so many fun things planned and decorations to make and cookies to bake, that I can hardly wait. But this week is so important these days. A time to sit back and reflect on the aspects of life we have to be thankful for. A home, a family, a career, food, warmth and each other. 

After work tomorrow, I have a stretch of days off and I am so excited! They will be filled with family, food, decorating, and festive activities. Of course there is one thing that I am bummed about, but will try not to focus on this next month. I AM WORKING ON CHRISTMAS! Yes, I will leave my house at 5:30 a.m. and not return until 9:00 p.m. I wont see my baby boy on Christmas. Because of that, I must make the whole month special. And most of all realize that the reason I wont see my family on Christmas Day is because I am taking care of someone else's. 


  1. so much to be thankful for! bummed you're working on Christmas, but we will definitely make the most of the entire season because of it!

  2. Awe!! So sorry that you have to work on Christmas!! That's a long day too! Make the best of the entire month with your adorable little family!'