Monday, September 9, 2013

Some days don't go as planned

Recently I have seen so many posts about how us bloggers show our "perfect" lives. Posting pictures of our perfectly clean and well dressed children, spotless house, yummy organic/gluten free/paleo/ recipes,  and crafty DIY projects. Some weeks while posting my 5 on Friday, I scream think I want to post my worst moments of the week and vent. Even though my life may look like a complete mess looking in, most days it really does feel close to perfect.  Half the time my child is not even wearing a complete outfit, his breakfast is still stuck to his face, my house is a disaster, I can't think of anything to make for dinner, and my DIY projects are just not turning out how I planned. 

 As I am trying to make dinner I look over and see my perfect angle again taking everything out of the cabinets and I think for the 500th time, we should really kid proof this kitchen.

That same perfect angel is not wearing any pants because he is a ninja on the changing table and escapes before I can even put them back on. Also note he has a red bump on his forehead, he gets a new one almost every day.

See my oh so cute alphabet letters that I made for a friends children for Christmas (this was last Christmas) that got packed and lost in my parents move. I thought I finally had my self together to give them as a "starting" school gift and realized the freaking "A" is missing!

This past weekend we had a little fall craft fest, which was so much fun and our projects turned out so cute! However my "BOO" is incomplete because I purchased "moss" instead of "raffia" and therefore another unfinished DIY project. 

These not so perfect moments are just as good sometimes. Plain plastic bowls keep my kid happy. A home cooked meal makes my family come together. The memories of searching through my moms fabrics and making that alphabet while my tiny baby swung in his swing are unforgetable . And our fall craft day may have been 100 + degrees and I may not have had the  exact supplies for my project but it was so much fun! 

Sometimes in the midst of all the imperfection I just feel so full and thankful. 

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