Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ahoy, Nautical Bathroom Remodel!

One of the areas of the house that had only been "lightly touched" by replacing the laminate flooring with travertine stone and painting the vanity to a dark espresso was the guest, now kids bathroom! The yellow walls have turned navy, the mirrors replaced, accessories added and a whole wall has been filled with wood planks (thanks to the husband of course). 

here are some before photos

I debated how to decorate or which theme to go with. Figuring if I did a neutral theme I would have all boys and if I did a boy theme our next child would be a girl. Either way I think nautical bathrooms can go either way.
Towel: Pottery Barn Bathmat: Threshold Mirror: Swap Meet Find
 Of course I found so many ideas for Easton's bathroom on Pottery Barn Kids, and wanted everything! But this gal is not willing to spend $80 on a kids bathroom shelf, enter husband. Showed him a picture, got a list of supplies and off to Home Depot I went. This piece of wood.. $0.52.
Anchor Hooks: Cost Plus World Market Life Saver: HomeGoods Whale art: Daisy Shoppe Whale: gift
 Although there are a couple of finishing touches that could be added, for the most part it is complete! 
The lotion basket is also the Threshold line from Target. Of course when the "poop deck" plaque was spotted, we knew where it would go! 


  1. Oh my goodness! That looks great! I just found your blog via Emily over at Dear Owen! Excited to follow along!

  2. WOW! I love the remodel and the theme you went with! I was just at target yesterday and was debating over buying those cute little baskets... you have me sold. I think I'll head back tonight and grab a few! xoxo

  3. That is so cute! I l over the little whale picture! Such a fun idea. I could never get it to look that good!