Friday, June 7, 2013

Thank goodness Friday comes each week!

1.  So so so proud of Target debuting their spritz collection just in time for Easton's birthday party. Yes, I do know this is months away...but one can never be too prepared! I have already been obsessing on pintrest and etsy about all things nautical, sail boat and red/white/and blue!
link to plates

2. I am so thankful for where we live. There are walking paths everywhere that make you feel like your secluded in the wilderness (even though your really in a housing tract)! I have been taking this little one for daily walks with a stop at the park each time! It feels so refreshing to get out and I think he is at the age where we cannot stay home all day anymore!

3. I can't believe how fast our zucchini have sprouted and how fast we are eating them! We've had it raw, baked, sautéed, transformed into chips, you name it and we've had it! It's nice to walk in the back yard pick some zucchini, onions and tomatoes and have a healthy side dish for dinner.

 4. This time of year makes me so happy to see everything in bloom. I wanted to take some pictures of the babe for Fathers Day and found this spot with this amazing tree. They turned out perfect!

5.  Is Mr. Ben and Mr. Jerry serious about this flavor? I am normally a chocolate, carmel kinda gal, but seriously this has the be the best ice cream ever!! You must try. 


  1. ah, love the nautical items picked at Target! And I need to try that flavor, I never did have any. Cheers to the weekend!!

  2. Love the things from Target! I don't think it can ever be too early to plan a party :)