Tuesday, June 18, 2013

9 & 10 month favorite toys

Playtime is crucial at this age if you want good naps...or at least for our family! I have learned that between 9-10 months Easton needs at least 3 hours of awake time if I want a good nap out of him! And  during that awake time he needs to be stimulated and playing! Above are some of his favorite toys...and yes I do realize a sippy cup is not a toy, but until they actually learn to use it for drinking, it is a great toy!

1. Farmhouse- we've had this stuffed away in his closet for when he gets older, but all the pieces are big, so it works great for now. He obviously doesn't use it as directed, but keeps him occupied!
2. walker- this Baby Einstein walker was his way of getting around during month 9. It's great because it keeps them safe and mobile!
3. Mickey Mouse club house- I debated when TV was allowed, and when I realized I couldn't even use the restroom by myself, I figured it was time! It gives me a couple of minutes to do what I need to, whether its throw a load of laundry in, prepare his lunch, run to the restroom, pack the diaper bag...whatever! He absolutely LOVES Mickey!
4. sippy cups- I received Nuby cups for my shower and decided to give them a try and they didn't leak!
5. Stride to Ride Puppy- I wanted to get him some sort of push walker but realized this phase goes by pretty quickly. Everyone says once they start "cruising" they will be walking. Therefore I got the push puppy because it turns into a little scooter type thing after. When it is being pushed it sings and its nose lights up. Makes for great entertaining when the baby starts dancing to the music and walking!
6. leapfrog drum- this drum plays in english and spanish...and Easton doesn't prefer one or the other. It lights up and plays songs when it is being played!

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