Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Gray & White Nursery Stripes

Tonight I am looking through and sorting pictures that I have saved. I came across the stages of Easton's nursery. I remember I was so excited about starting the decorating, but really didn't have a complete plan. We just kinda made things up as we went! Its amazing that this portion of nursery looks like this now...after seeing what we started with! Looking back at one of my first posts of the nursery I can't believe the transition.

The finished product

The curtains were from world market (I was brave and ordered them online). The chevron bedskirt was handmade by my sweet mama, along with the amazing elephant bumper. I will do a post separately on these (because they are so stinkin adorable). 

What we started with
We started with plain walls...I was really unsure what to do with those teeny tiny windows. I knew babies supposedly needed "darkness" to sleep!

After a little paint
*note the iron in the bottom left (I could crop it out, but makes me remember we used the nursery as "the ironing room") That lamp on the right has been revamped to match the rest of the room!

Adding a couple of stripes
After finishing the stripes I realized curtains were a must. We put up a long curtain rod and two panels. During naps I can just pull them shut and it covers all the windows! 

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  1. i love his nursery! The stripes were such a nice touch.