Thursday, April 19, 2012

Baby room in the makin'

The nursery process has begun and I couldn't be happier! Having the crib set up is surely making this "we're having a baby" much more real! I struggled between white and espresso furniture and I'm so happy we went with espresso! Now that the baby room colors have been decided, it is a time for paintin'! I know that I want gray... But what shade of gray? I do not know! Also above the crib we have three little windows.. Not quite sure what to do with them..
1. Three small curtains
2. One wide valance
3. Two larger curtains that I can pull closed
What do we think? Any ideas?


  1. :)

    i like the middle gray color! as for curtains.. that's a tough one! maybe one large valence?! what are you leaning towards?

  2. I say one large valance, too! And you can always change it after a few months if you get sick of it :)

  3. I also pick the middle gray (love grays) and think one large valance would look best and be easiest!

  4. We went with the middle gray! We will see for the curtains, hopefully thinking more about it this weekend!