Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Washi Tape Banner & Emergency Info

I realized recently that many people take care of Easton throughout the course of the week. Mostly family that is around him all the time, people I trust completely, people that love him. With that said everyone kind of knows the routine, so its not like I leave notes or instructions. However, in an emergency (God forbid) would people be able to remember important numbers like poison control, the Dr.s office, etc.? With the assistance of I have a personalized emergency card. I showed her a card idea and she sent me a personalized one within the week! Included are parents, grandparents, Dr.'s, poison control, and closet ER phone numbers.
Now we know that regardless of who is watching over our sweet boy, the information is just inside the cabinet, always!

I also wanted to see what all the washi tape craze was about, now I realize how simple it is to use! Within 5 minutes I whipped up this little banner to accessorize the cork board inside our cabinet!


  1. super cute! i want to do this! i guess i could do it for the cats... haha :)

  2. This is so cute and such a good idea!