Friday, May 3, 2013

Bathroom Revamp

If you remember my post from many moons ago, bathroom beginnings, you would think that we thought we were done with the bathroom redo...because we did! But when your a homeowner you will know you are never done! There is always a little tweaking here and a little fixer upper there. With that said here are our newest improvements (we think they are improvements) to the downstairs powder room! We added a little paint, some cute towels, new frames (yes there are no pictures in them yet), and a new door knob! (who would have thought that door knobs could make such a big difference)

Having a sink with no storage underneath is totally doable in a downstairs bathroom...all you need is a couple of baskets for some toilet paper, magazines, spray etc. I mean what else does one actually need in a powder room! 

Before and After

My husband sure does some good work! Got to love that man!

After and Before

The details


  1. it looks great! where did you get the frames?

  2. World market!! I've been looking for something like that for months!

  3. Loving it! So much brighter and inviting.

  4. Here from Better After.... beautiful!!

  5. Looks great- what's the paint color?