Thursday, May 2, 2013

9 months ago...

9 months ago, I wrote a letter to my unborn baby...

Dearest Easton,

As we are 2 weeks and 3 days from your supposed due date of August 19, 2012, I sit and wait and wonder about my sweet babe. Today is August 2nd and I finally feel like you could arrive at any moment and I am so ready for you! Your nursery is spotless, clothes laundered and folded, diapers prepared and your daddy has built all your necessities like your swing, crib, and everything else you could imagine. We have been planning for you for nearly 9 months and I can't believe we almost get to meet you! I think about you constantly as you roll around my belly, at times it feels like you are doing gymnastics or swimming an olympic race. I reference the topic because the 2012 Olympics are taking place in London right now. Everyone asks if you keep me up at night with your movements, the answer is you do! But not because your bothering me but I love feeling you while I lay there still at night. 

We have so much love for you already little one. I can't wait to see every part of you! Your family is just about as anxious as we are! We have auntie Brett who sits in your nursery with me on a nightly basis just wondering when you will arrive and planning your cute outfits! We have auntie Marina who is waiting for my call at any second when I think your on your way because she gets to drive me to the hospital if your daddy is still at work! Auntie Meagan is 9 months pregnant with your cousin Liam and we have been checking on each other daily to make sure our aches and pains and labor signs coincide with each other. We have your uncle Jamie who has felt you swimming in mamas belly and seems to really think its amazing! We have your grandma who has been working oh so hard at finishing all your handmade blankets, outfits, pillows and anything else your mama thinks you'll need. We have grampa who has his phone alarm set on your due date and has cleared the whole day for you (he doesn't realize babies rarely arrive on their due date). We have your great grandpa Bob who has booked his flight to come meet you in October (he will be traveling across country for you, from Maine to California). We have your extended families in Arizona and New England who check on mama weekly to make sure we are doing okay! Bruce and Harley who are your fur-sister and brother love your nursery and take naps in front of your crib whenever allowed, they have no idea what they are in for!

Your Daddy and I are a bit nervous for your arrival because we have no idea what to expect, but boy are we ready! We have actually bickered about who gets to sleep on the side of the bed next to your bassinet! We wonder every possible wonder about you and are enjoying this experience. We are trying to wait patiently for you as we know your time is near. I bet you are more perfect than we can imagine! We can't wait to hold you in our arms little one. When you feel like it is your time, we are ready and waiting...

Love Mommy


  1. This is amazing! I honestly can't believe that was nine months ago...time flys but I've enjoyed every single second of my sweet, sweet nephew! love you guys so much.