Monday, February 3, 2014

Month of Love

Happy February to you all! We are a couple days late due to the infestation of RSV in our household. It is still in full swing, but hopefully on the mend. We are going to the Pediatrician in the morning just to make sure Easton doesn't have pneumonia or anything crazy like that! As my sweet boy was sleeping on my chest for numerous nights and having him connected to my hip during the day, I too have caught the nasty bug. Therefore I am hoping we can start the month today...

It is nice to turn to another month on my beautiful calendar, always makes me happy to see new bright colors! Once I was all "un-decorated" for the holidays everything seemed kind of that I have Valentines decor about the house, it is feeling a little more fun again!

 With the help of mi madre's sewing room I whipped up a little DIY Valentines flag for the entry. I am pretty proud of this since I did all the measuring, cutting, and sewing (Mama normally rescues me in the process). This cost $0 to make since all the supplies were actually scraps of other projects! P.S. do you notice my beautiful roses in bloom?

Easton helped with the month's theme of love on the chalkboard! You can still see a couple of his scribbles at the bottom of the board. He was drawing all over the place and then he started eating the chalk...guess he wont be helping again for a couple more months!

 Starting tomorrow I plan on giving E this little mailbox with an item a day (for the days I am a SAHM) to celebrate valentines month!

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  1. love this and hope that the RSV is finally kicked to the curb!