Friday, January 17, 2014

5 on Friday

Linking up with the ladies for a Five on Friday!

1. I don't know about you all but when I make a goal to work doesn't actually always happen. I make little deals with myself, like if I stick with it for a couple of weeks then I will actually purchase exercise gear. Well my whole New Years goal of getting out more and going for walks has actually come true! Since day one if I'm not a work Easton and I have gone for a walk.  Anyone have good work out strategies for Mamas...besides waking up super early or going to bed super late? 

2. I am loving all the goodies I am finding on etsy for Broncos fans. This weekend is yet another big game against the New England Patriots...major family rivalry. Being from New England and having a Dad and brother that are big fans makes this game all the more important! Pulling for a win, but realize the Pats are a hard team to beat!

3. Sometimes I question myself why I always want to be taking pictures. Then I get to look back on days like this one and reminisce and realize the importance of a photo. Last year at this time we were planning a mountain getaway. I was so excited to bring Easton to the snow (he couldn't even walk or really play in it) and I hope this year we make it too! I think we may have to travel far since it was a steamy 90 degrees here yesterday!

4.  This week I put together Easton's toddler table and have been browsing DIY tutorials like this one. I am excited to develop one that is perfect and make it!

5.  Last year I sent Valentine's to some family and friends and I am trying to think of cute ideas for this year! I think it is fun to receive something in the mail!


  1. Love your post! What cute little outfits for your little guy! :) Love the table idea!

  2. So glad I found your blog via the link-up! - first of all I love the name Easton and that T-table is fantastic and second of all I am a Broncos fan this weekend too! (I may or may not have a little crush on Eric Decker, love him!) My Redskins have failed me again... (don't hate haha) Happy Weekend!

  3. I sent out valentines last year too! I love sending stuff through snail mail!

  4. can't wait to watch the game with the fam, and we got to get workin on Easty's valentine :)

  5. CUTEST. BABY. SPORTS FAN OUTFIT. EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! Keeping that cuteness idea in my back pocket for when we have kids one day!!! xx