Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Last Friday this cutie and I arrived at California Adventure Park when it opened. (thought I would beat the crowd..didn't happen) To think that I used to be scared to go to the grocery store with this guy and now I will take him to an amusement park very silly!

 Whenever he sees a merry-go-round he wants to ride it and with our Disney passes of course all the rides are free so he actually gets too!

We made a pit stop for an uncrustable and I snapped a photo because I, of course as his Mama, think he is the cutest button eating his sandwich. 

On Saturday morning I woke up to make coffee and make Easton's sippy cup of milk, only to realize the refrigerator was left open all-night-long. So we walked to breakfast and the grocery and of course made a pit stop at the park!

Something about seeing your husband and your child enjoying moments, is one of the best feelings in the world.

At the park we all attempted to monkey bars...I actually did them to my surprise, but now I realize why kids are so in shape.


  1. So adorable! And so brave of you to do an amusement park alone!

  2. Awww what a cutie! I don't even have kids and I'm already terrified of having to bring my non-existent future ones to the grocery store! haha

  3. SO sweet with his hat on backwards!! Love it!! :)