Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The days

These days I feel so lucky when I have a day when its just the two of us and no plans. Mostly because these are the days where he gets to decide what we do. No rushing here or there. No trying to pick up after him. Just enjoying him and everything about him.

Believe it or not, yesterday was January 13th and it was hot and sunny, like really hot. Shorts and a tank top kind of hot. Most were complaining about the winds and the heat and must have forgotten where we live. Every year at some point the Santa Ana winds come and they bring hot hot air with them. Easton was so excited on our walk because the leaves were just flying around and the wind was blowing his hair. At one point he put his arms up as if he was on a roller coaster. It was amazing to see and to think that he probably doesn't even know what wind is and I loved watching him experience it.

 I am trying to get out and walk to feel the fresh air and keep this body of mine moving and hopefully stay in some sort of shape. But I am also using this time for Easton to get out and run some off his energy. I realized when we are outdoors on the walking trails there really isn't too much that he has to stay away from. It is so relaxing watching him play and never having to say "no".  He picked his first wild flowers and played amongst blowing leaves.

 It melts my heart when he is ready to keep walking after a pit stop to kick leaves or pick a flower and he says "go go" and holds my hand and we walk. My little hand holder really knows how to get his Mama's heart happy.

During nap time I put together his new toddler table. Ikea really has the best deals and although the furniture comes in a 8 bazillion pieces it is easy to put together. When he woke up he was excited to sit and play and of course have his water. He nows says please when he wants something. It actually comes out "plaaa" but we know what he is saying.

I hope for many more days like these. 


  1. so fun to see him discover new things and get so excited! love that boy

  2. He's getting soo big and handsome :) jealous of your weather!! Send some to massachusetts I'm sick of winter coats and gloves :( xoxo