Friday, January 3, 2014

Making 2014 count

Making 2014 count

A new year signifies new beginnings, closing doors and opening new ones, and as always, achieving new goals. This year the word I choose to enhance my goals is strength. I want to strengthen my relationships; with my husband, family, and friends. I want to strengthen my knowledge in the work place by seeking more knowledge and start studying and pass my next certification. And of course strengthen my faith.  I want more physical strength by being more active.  

Is it funny that in order to strength relationships I need to do less? Rather than coming up extravagant activities or plans, I'd rather make it a point to plan a simple ones like a picnic and chit chat. I want to go on afternoon walks with my husband, no phones, no iPads, no tv, just us (and our babe in the stroller). 

I will start studying for my certification and hopefully set a test date in the next couple of months. With each day of studying my knowledge will strengthen. I will consistently go to bible study and hopefully attend more Sunday services and in turn gain strength in His word. 

The squeak of my wannabe jogger stroller will be ignored and I will go for walks  and get outside more.  I constantly feel like I can start my day without a shower, make up and regular clothes. I need to get over that and be fine with staying in exercise clothes all day. Hopefully i will gain physical strength from these outdoor activities.