Sunday, September 6, 2015


In the spring I debated over and over about preschool, the need, the time, the price, what would be learned there versus at home, how sick we would all get etc. But two weeks ago we entered the preschool world! Hip Hip Hooray. 

I was a little worried how it would go because Easton kept saying "I'll stay home" as if he is the boss around here (he kinda is). After meeting the teacher and back to school night, he was kind a sorta excited, basically because they had a playground.


Tonight is your first night before school. Preschool that is. You'll be attending two days a week for almost three hours a day. I've been preparing you for weeks. Last week we went to "meet your teacher" Mrs. Montes. You really didn't want to go, until you saw the playground at school. You were too shy to say hello to her, which is really unlike you. I then went to "back to school night" and got all of our instructions and lists. I have prepared your extra bag of clothing, tons of school supplies to bring to class, and your emergency kit (God forbid). I never realized how these little tasks that parents have to do can cause so much stress and worry. Since I let you play a bit after meeting your teacher, you've been excited ever since. Today we practiced raising your hand to let your teacher know you have to use the potty (cutest thing ever). Your clothes are laid out and your school countdown is all crossed off. I have this fear that you won't be well rested for these events so I tried my hardest and drove around town for about an hour to get you to nap, it didn't work. So I attempted a very relaxing night, a warm bath and foot massage to get you to go to sleep early. You are out by 8:30 p.m. I read you 4 books and you got teary eyed at two of them. This past week you've been so cuddly and emotional. One of my favorite books to read to you is "My Love Can Find You" and you got all worried at the end that I wouldn't be with you. The last book was "The Kissing Hand" where a little raccoon is scared to go to school and didn't want to leave his mother and you were very sad for the poor little raccoon. I laid with you until you were fast asleep. I can't even believe that this time has come! I hope you love it so much and want to go back every day. Your little mind is so smart and I know you are going to learn tons. 8/24/15 9:00 p.m.

I purchased these cute little journals on minted to write my babies notes around important events like birthdays, nights before schools and other big days or small days that I feel should be documented. Have you ever asked your parents, "When did I crawl", "I didn't throw tantrums like this did I" and they kinda just agree, nod, or come up with a date or age. (just kidding Mom, I know you remember exactly). I know there are baby books for big events in babies lives but what about the not so big, or the  not so good? I want to know if I was sick a lot, or when did I start or end my terrible twos. Was I really a terrible sleeper and when did it end? I hope I continue writing them. Maybe they will get full ones on their wedding days, or when they have their first child.

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  1. This is amazing! The preschool letter gave me the chills. You are such a great mama. E and M are so lucky :)