Friday, September 11, 2015

5 on Friday

Cheers to my first Friday post in over half a year!

1. As much as I'd love for Fall to be here, it is so very apparent that we are the midst of summer with hot, hot, HOT days here in So Cal. We are just going with it. Pool days, indoor play dates and running that a/c.

2. With having Easton in school and having nearly 2 1/2 hours at home with just one child, I am on an organizing spree! This is my next project. I've been browsing iheartorganizing  for my inspiration.

3. The best of friends. Do you have one of those or some of those? Well this girl is it for me. She's willing to meet up at a random chick fila for an early lunch just to get in some girl talk amongst our 4 crazy kiddos. Been blessed by this friendship from college, for sure!

4. We are going to miss summer, once its gone. Look at those tomatoes my boy planted, grew, and picked (with a  tiny bit of help). And of course secret ice cream nights in the front yard. 

5.  A first and most likely a last. My girl with me getting my hair done. I thought if I was lucky she would be taking her her nap, in the stroller, but neither of those happened! 



  1. Love that your back blogging. I missed your posts! Love the hair pic!

  2. I have so many projects I want to tackle while Liam is at school, but somehow they never seen to happen. And I've brought Finn with me to hair appts too and they are not nearly as relaxing. Hoping to go solo this week.